carriage-inn-icon-black-150pxThe Carriage Inn & Saloon can trace its history back to 1760. In that time, it was a popular stagecoach stop known for its hospitality to passengers traveling up and down the east coast. Food and beverages were served in “Old Acres” – the house behind the stables. After burning to the ground early in this century, the stone structure of the stables was renovated for pub use, and still exists today in the restaurant as our Whiskey Bar. The fireplace within the Whiskey Bar was constructed from the stone used as the stall walls in the stable. This fireplace still stands and the original stone interior walls are now fully exposed with their old English red brick accents. Many patrons still warm themselves from this fireplace against the New England cold, as they did years ago..

It wasn’t until the 1970’s that the original “Old Acers” became “The Carriage Inn”. It was then that the several antique carriages and coaches, which can still be seen today, were bought to be displayed in the glass encased room above the restaurant. The Mascatelli family opened the Carriage Inn in 1981. In the May, 2000, author and Chef Linda Wadenstein opened the restaurant under the name of Hooffinfeathers Carriage Inn.

In July, 2013, the Kirwan Family opened the restaurant under the name of Carriage Inn & Saloon. After significant renovation and restoration, we are proud to breathe new life back into the iconic Carriage Inn!!

Our Vision statement is simple: We make people feel WELCOME

We believe that if we fulfill on our vision we will develop a loyal repeat customer base for years to come. Still offering the unique character and charm of this building, we invite you to experience a memorable and differentiated experience every time you walk through our doors.

So we say WELCOME to the Carriage Inn & Saloon……..You are welcome here….always!!

The Carriage Inn & Saloon Team

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